Goddess Workshops
Many people do not have either the time or the resources to travel to live workshops.
During 2017, I will turn all my face-to-face Goddess workshops into a series of booklets called "Introducing Goddesses".

Although these are starter booklets, to introduce you to the different Goddesses, experienced devotees may also find new ideas and insights.
You choose which activities you want to do. The choice is yours and there is no pressure. I want you to enjoy learning about the various Goddesses. 
Introducing Elen
Elen of the Ways is an ancient, antlered, British Goddess whose popularity has increased enormously over the past thirty years.
Introducing Brigit
Brigit is a triple Goddess of the British Isles. Her influence is extensive and covers many aspects of life and spirituality.

Introducing Spring Goddesses
These Goddesses embody the energy of spring with its emphasis on rebirth, new life, new start, new growth. It's a season of promise and potential. Connect with these Goddesses and put some Spring in your life.

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